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Lewisville, TX (August 31, 2016) – BayMark Health Services announced that it has acquired the El Paso Methadone Maintenance and Detoxification Treatment Center, Inc. El Paso Methadone was established in 1973 by the late James Sabal, MD, a pioneer in medication assisted recovery services, as a private clinic to provide medication assisted treatment in conjunction with individual counseling and referrals. Their mission over the last forty-three years has been to support patients as they work toward regaining control of their lives, free from dependence on prescription pain medication or other opioids.


The model which has been so successful is referred to as a hub and spoke model. The BAART Berlin clinic operates as a hub in Central Vermont, meaning that they provide comprehensive opioid use disorder treatment, coordinate services with other treatment providers and community physicians and act as a health care home for their patients. This integrated care is beneficial to patients who might otherwise have difficulty in accessing quality medical services. As a hub, BAART Berlin forms referral partnerships with other providers, or spokes, who manage stabilized patients in a less structured environment in the community.


The hub and spoke model implemented in Vermont has garnered national attention as a model system. These programs make community partnerships and collaborative efforts with other providers a priority, resulting in increased access to evidence-based care and improved outcomes for patients.


BayMark’s newest acquisition will be rebranded as a MedMark Treatment Center program. David Sabal, Program Director at El Paso Methadone, has managed the program since 2009 and will continue to lead the treatment team at the MedMark El Paso location. “I am proud to be passing my father’s legacy on to a company that is committed to treating patients with respect and dignity,” said Mr. Sabal. “We are excited to see the clinic develop even further under the MedMark Treatment Centers brand, with access to greater resources for persons served and management support for our staff.”


David K. White, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of BayMark Health Services, commented, “The acquisition of the El Paso Methadone Maintenance and Detoxification Treatment Center provides a welcome addition to our existing programs in Texas. Our priority is for MedMark Treatment Centers of El Paso to continue to be the program of choice for those in the West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico areas. I firmly believe BayMark Health Services, in particular our MedMark Treatment Centers of Texas programs, offer patients the best treatment option for overcoming their dependence on opioids.”


Frank Baumann, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “With the growing prevalence of prescription pain medication abuse and dependency, MedMark Treatment Centers remains committed to providing the necessary resources to deliver the highest quality treatment at our newest Texas location.


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BayMark Health Services provides medication assisted treatment at 45 locations in 9 states, treating over 23,000 patients daily in their recovery from opiate addiction. Our outpatient programs provide medically supervised treatment for addiction to prescription pain medicines and other opioids through medication and counseling with an emphasis on quality, patient focused healthcare. Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, BayMark Health’s National Support Center also provides Primary Care services and behavioral health management services. Our Primary Care teams within each subsidiary are staffed with caring professionals providing comprehensive, outpatient care. The company’s goal is to develop a nation-wide network of high quality, customer focused facilities to address the specific needs of individuals seeking addiction treatment. For more information visit our website at

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