Inpatient Withdrawal Management

Provided through Acute Care Hospital Partnerships

Amidst the opioid crisis, hospitals across the country are facing a growing need to provide substance use disorder and behavioral health services. BayMark Health Services offers hospitals across the country the opportunity to deliver specialized detoxification and medical stabilization services to the communities they serve. Through SpecialCare Hospital Management, BayMark is able to support this need in acute care hospitals across the country – from large multi-hospital systems, to rural health facilities, to critical access hospitals.

SpecialCare’s flagship service, New Vision, is an inpatient medical stabilization & withdrawal management service for adults with drug, alcohol and related health issues.

The service accepts adults who are currently using or are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs. It consists of a medically supervised hospital stay for inpatient stabilization that typically lasts 3 days.

The inpatient stay includes the following aspects:

  • Pre-Screening
  • Assessment
  • Admission
  • Medical Stabilization
  • Individualized Discharge Planning

The services provided are executed through a management contract between SpecialCare and your hospital, and tailored for the needs of the individual hospital. SpecialCare provides on-site personnel, administration systems, reporting systems, suggested medical protocols, nursing orientation, and financial audit assistance, including reimbursement analysis.

The hospital provides the licensed patient beds, physician coverage, nursing care, admitting and discharge processing, billing and collections, and all other customary activities. The patients are normally admitted to the medical floor, so nursing services are administered as part of the fixed overhead, eliminating the need for specialized nursing care.

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The hospital will bill, collect and retain all patient revenue, less expenses. SpecialCare will receive a monthly fee for the management of the service.

Benefits to the Partner Hospitals:

  • Decreased pressure on valuable ER resources
  • Effective case management & reduced length of stay
  • Meet community needs for treatment services
  • Establish effective treatment protocols for these cases

For more information, visit our Inpatient Withdrawal Management Service website:

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