Nov 18th 2020
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BayMark Health Services Acquires Indiana Opioid Treatment Programs

BayMark continues to expand access to quality patient care and recovery support services.

BayMark Health Services has announced the acquisition of Limestone Health, an opioid treatment provider with locations in Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana, formerly owned by Springstone, Inc. Limestone provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone services including medication management and substance abuse counseling and education. The programs will fall under BayMark’s MedMark Treatment Centers brand.

Providing MAT and a full suite of other substance abuse services in locations across the country, BayMark is an established, trusted provider of comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction. Limestone Health shares BayMark’s commitment to providing high quality, individualized treatment for those struggling with an opioid addiction, making it a perfect fit for expansion into Indiana.

In addition to methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) and counseling, services will also include addiction and relapse education, coordinated treatment during pregnancy, in-house lab services and referrals to community resources to assist patients in rebuilding their lives.  Methadone, combined with counseling and support services, is known as the gold standard in the treatment of opioid addiction.

David K. White, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of BayMark Health Services, commented, “BayMark believes in our mission to provide comprehensive medication-assisted treatment and other substance abuse treatment services to foster wellness, longevity and socially responsible behavior for the patients we serve. As we continue to grow, we create improved access for patients in need, while offering those in our care the opportunity to improve their lives for themselves, their families and their communities.”

Medication-assisted treatment reduces the symptoms of opioid withdrawal and cravings, allowing patients to focus on the underlying causes of their addiction and support them as they develop new, healthier coping mechanisms. Opioid treatment programs offer a proven alternative to residential or abstinence-based treatment models for Opioid Use Disorder.

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About BayMark Health Services:

BayMark Health Services provides medication-assisted treatment to 57,000+ patients in recovery from substance use disorders across the United States and Canada. Our outpatient programs deliver medically-supervised treatment, in a variety of modalities and settings, to meet the diverse needs of our patients who struggle with the use of opioids, alcohol and other prescription and illicit substances.

The BayMark continuum of patient-focused services includes: highly structured opioid treatment programs utilizing methadone or buprenorphine and outpatient buprenorphine treatment programs, both of which incorporate counseling as part of an individualized treatment plan for opioid use disorder. Additionally, ambulatory withdrawal management services with naltrexone therapy, and inpatient detoxification services are offered for a variety of substance use disorders.

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