Mar 31st 2017
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BayMark Health Services Celebrates 40 Years of Quality, Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment with BAART Programs

BayMark Health Services is pleased to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of BAART Programs.  Founded in 1977 by Ron and Judi Kletter, BAART Programs began providing drug treatment services to several hundred heroin addicts in San Francisco in 1977. Forty years later BAART is now a treatment brand of BayMark, and has grown into a multi-site, multi-service organization providing opioid use disorder treatment and integrated primary health care.

Working in the field, Ron knew the stigma associated with medication-assisted treatment, and was committed to creating a better standard of care. His vision and guidance carried on by his children Jason, Michelle and Evan, directly influenced the tremendous growth BAART has experienced and in turn has positively influenced the reputation of opioid treatment programs throughout the field.

“Our family is proud to carry on the tradition of providing high-quality, individualized treatment services for those suffering from opioid addiction and advocating to improve funding and accessibility”, stated Jason Kletter, President of BayMark Health Services and BAART Programs. “We remain actively involved in the opioid use disorder treatment community, working to improve state and federal regulations by educating policy makers about the benefits of evidence-based treatments such as methadone and buprenorphine therapy.”

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About BayMark Health Services:

 BayMark Health Services, headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, provides medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction and dependency to thousands of patients nationwide. Our outpatient programs deliver medically supervised treatment, in varied settings and through a variety of modalities, to meet the diverse needs of our patients who struggle with the use of prescription pain medication or other opiates. The BayMark continuum of patient-focused services includes highly structured opioid treatment programs utilizing methadone or buprenorphine and less structured office-based buprenorphine programs, both of which involve counseling as part of an individualized treatment plan. Additional treatment programs consist of ambulatory detoxification services with naltrexone therapy and personalized after care support.

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