“AppleGate Recovery began with a simple goal of providing quality compassionate and respectful care for those suffering from the disease of opioid use disorder in an out-patient setting. We quickly realized opioid addiction is an epidemic of tsunami proportions. Expansion of our company was a priority, but we realized we simply did not have the sophistication, knowledge base and resources necessary to accomplish the vision of our company. With the professional leadership team at BayMark Health, our future seems clear and that future includes a nationwide expansion of services that will allow us to positively impact many more patients, improving their quality of life. It is thrilling to be a part of such an innovation compassionate and professional team.”

Founding Partner of AppleGate Recovery

“The magnitude of the opioid epidemic our country faces is incredible, and left untreated may be insurmountable. We see the acquisition by BayMark Health Services as one that allows us to expand our treatment services and our reach, so that we are able to offer help to more people than ever before. Addiction treatment is not a one size fits all solution, and the more treatment modalities that are made accessible to those seeking help, the more success we will see in combatting this disease.”

The Coleman Institute

“We are delighted to have worked with BayMark on this transaction. We believe they will bring their strong tradition of excellence in opioid addiction treatment to the families and residents of the Morgantown area.”

Founder and Owner of Valley Alliance Treatment Services

“I have worked with BayMark in the past and knew that they were a great fit to continue the management of this program. Our shared commitment to the well-being of our patients ensures that the level of care will be maintained throughout this transition.”

Founder and Owner of Private Clinic

“When we began to look for an organization to assume the management of our treatment programs, we knew fairly quickly that BayMark was the right fit to continue the mission that we have established. Their focus on not only the well-being of the patients, but also the well-being of their staff, ensured that our legacy will be maintained and enhanced under their leadership. The BayMark infastructure will provide our programs with the leadership and support needed to meet the growing demand for medication-assisted treatment throughout New England.”

and Chief Executive Officer of Health Care Resource Centers

“We are very pleased to be joining the Baymark family of addiction treatment programs and look forward to the increased impact we may have in treating opiate addiction and the associated complications that arise from such addictions. BayMark shares our value system which focuses on comprehensive medical, pharmaceutical, and psycho-social care for those with opioid use disorder. Together we have an opportunity to make a difference in an epidemic that has hit both the U.S. and Canada in a profound way.”

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