“As the Federal Program Sponsor and co-owner of both Counseling Solutions locations, as well as a passionate patient advocate, I wanted to be sure we worked with an organization who had a similar philosophy to us regarding patient care. Our shared commitment to the overall well-being of our patients assures me that a high level of care will be maintained throughout this transition and carried into the future. I’m excited to stay onboard in my role as Director in Chatsworth and join the BayMark Health Services team.”

Counseling Solutions

“Tri-City was opened in 1992 to fulfill a need for confidential, effective treatment services for the highly stigmatized disease of opioid use disorder. We have continued to work to advocate for our patients, and others struggling with this devastating disease. We feel that BayMark brings the experience and expertise to continue our legacy and maintain the level of care our patients have come to expect from Tri City.”

Founder of Tri-City

“SpecialCare values our partnerships with our hospital clients as well as the lives of our patients in the communities we serve. We chose to merge with BayMark to allow us to meet the growing demands of our industry, and potentially expand the services we offer to those in need, through our hospital partnerships. BayMark’s values and standards of care reflect those of SpecialCare, making this merger an excellent fit.”

Chief Executive Officer of SpecialCare

“Metamorphosis was founded in 1995 to provide much needed services to the greater Salt Lake City area where there wasn’t a large number of options for those seeking medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. We have worked over the last 20 years to create safe and effective recovery programs for our patients and to educate our community about the benefits of this proven treatment modality. We feel confident that BayMark will continue our mission and maintain the highest levels of care for our patients.”

President of Metamorphosis

“Recovery Services of New Mexico was founded with the goal of treating opioid addiction through dedication to a patient-centered approach, strict adherence to proven treatment principles, ethical business conduct and community outreach. We have worked over the last 16 years to develop effective recovery programs for our patients and to innovate treatment for underserved populations such as those incarcerated through one of the nation’s first in-house opioid treatment programs in a state detention center. We feel confident that BayMark will support and enhance our mission while maintaining the highest levels of care for our patients and improving accessibility to life-saving treatment.”


“BayMark has clearly established themselves as the leader in opioid addiction treatment, and we felt that they had the expertise and dedication to continue providing the high level of care we have established for our patients.

Dr. Morris and myself will continue to treat patients, and work with our excellent medical staff,” Dr. Ross W. Cotton, Co-Founder and Physician for Medical Consultants added. “BayMark will provide a great support structure for us to grow and enhance our services as a part of a solution for the opioid epidemic here in Kentucky.”

KSPS Medical Consultants
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