May 1st 2018
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National Medical Director Dr. Peter Coleman Voted Top Addiction Doc

Richmond Magazine’s annual physician poll honors Dr. Coleman for the fifth consecutive year in the category of Addiction Medicine.

The Coleman Institute, a BayMark Health Services Company, is honored to have National Medical Director and company founder Dr. Peter Coleman voted a Top Addiction Medicine Doc for 2018 in Richmond, VA. Richmond Magazine included the category of Addiction Medicine for the first time in 2014. Every year since then, Dr. Coleman has been included among the top 5 physicians, indicating his continued level of excellence in the field.

An innovative center for addiction treatment, the Coleman Institute is a highly effective, medically-supervised detoxification treatment center for opioids, alcohol and benzodiazepines. The withdrawal management program, known as an Accelerated Opioid Detox, utilizes medication to comfortably and quickly clear opiates from a patient’s system, followed by after-care planning. The combination of detoxification and long-term support, including Naltrexone therapy, provides patients with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Coleman’s passion stems from his own personal struggle with addiction. He shares his story to offer hope to others, and has dedicated his life to developing treatment protocols offering a higher probability of long-term sobriety for others still struggling with the disease of addiction.

“I am honored to once again be included among the other deserving physicians on this list, but even more honored to have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in the recoveries of so many people.” shares Dr. Coleman. “Sadly, the need has never been greater for evidence-based addiction treatment programs, and I will continue to work diligently to do my part in providing compassionate solutions to those in need.”

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About The Coleman Institute:

Established in 1998 in Richmond, VA, The Coleman Institute has developed a unique and customizable approach to assisting patients in overcoming their physical dependency on drugs and then accessing the long-term support resources needed to maintain their sobriety.

Since its inception, the Coleman Institute has helped thousands of patients detoxify and recover from the effects of heroin use and other opioids such as fentanyl, OxyContin®, Percocet® and Vicodin®. The Coleman Institute’s treatment program enables over 98% of its patients to successfully complete their detox and begin Naltrexone therapy. Naltrexone is a non-addictive opiate blocker that helps reduce cravings while patients are building the healthy habits essential for long-term recovery.

The Coleman Institute has 13 offices nationwide. (Richmond, Atlanta, Austin, Southern and Northern California, Cherry Hill, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa).

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