Aug 8th 2023
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MedMark Treatment Centers Unveils a Refreshed Logo, Demonstrating Integration as a BayMark Health Provider

Lewisville, TX — MedMark Treatment Centers, a BayMark Health Provider and the trusted leader in outpatient medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction across the country, has recently unveiled a refreshed logo.

The new logo demonstrates integration with its parent company, BayMark Health Services. The logo update is also part of MedMark’s efforts to improve its brand identity and align it with its core values and services.

Former logo:                                                                   New logo:


“MedMark’s dedication to compassionate and personalized care is represented in the logo,” said David K. White, PhD, CEO of BayMark Health Services. “We want every patient to have a positive experience throughout their journey to recovery, where they feel supported and cared for.” The new logo represents the winding pathway of recovery and the support of MedMark at every step.

At MedMark Treatment Centers, the staff knows that recovery from opioid addiction is challenging, so creating a safe and understanding space for individuals seeking services is crucial for successful outcomes.

BayMark Health Services has been at the forefront of improving access to high-quality healthcare services, including addiction treatment, behavioral health, and primary care. As the company has expanded its continuum of care and services to effectively meet the needs of the people it serves as well as those seeking treatment services, it became evident that a logo update was necessary to better reflect its vision, mission, and values.

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