National Advisory Board

The BayMark National Advisory Board consists of national leaders and subject matter experts convened to provide leading edge guidance and support to BayMark in its work providing treatment and recovery solutions to individuals, families and communities affected by the opioid epidemic. The National Advisory Board helps substantiate and guide the Mission, Vision and Values of BayMark and works to continue to reduce stigma and discrimination toward those with opioid use disorders, while improving cultural and gender responsiveness, research, and positive outcomes across the field.

Kathryn Thomas
Jim Clarkson, MA, LADAC

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Frank Baumann
Sam Donaldson, Ph.D.

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Jason Kletter, Ph.D.
Pamela Hyde, JD

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Daniel Gutschenritter
Hendree Jones, Ph.D.

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Sheldon Glass, M.Ed., M.D.
Jeanne Miranda, Ph.D.

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Michelle Kletter
Paul Rosenberg, JD

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Kathryn Thomas
David K. White, Ph.D.

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