Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

BayMark Health Services is committed to providing quality clinical services, superior customer service and having an ethical and trustworthy environment for patients, their family members, our business partners and our employees. Our leadership insists that all employees become aware of and make a commitment to these basic tenets. We encourage our staff to continually ask of themselves – am I doing the right thing!


Our Code of Conduct is the road map for our leadership and our employees’ behavior. It creates a set of expectations that everyone in the organization is expected to follow. It is imperative that each and every employee uphold the culture of BayMark.


BayMark appreciates all of our employees, and their commitment to exemplifying and upholding our principles. It is our belief that this shared commitment to quality, customer service, and ethical practices will create an environment that will be most conducive to the successful treatment of our patients, our greatest commitment.



David K. White, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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