Robin A. Johnson
Philip Isherwood, MD
National Medical Director, AppleGate Recovery

Philip Isherwood, MD, is the National Medical Director for AppleGate Recovery. He cofounded AppleGate Recovery and has been an integral part of their treatment programs since 2008. Dr. Isherwood has been treating opioid addiction since 2004. He supervises physician teams at all AppleGate Recovery centers to ensure that patients receive professional, compassionate and respectful care. Dr. Isherwood graduated medical school from the University of Illinois and was an Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport. He has also served as an Emergency Medicine Physician. He was the Medical Director for an opiate treatment facility in Shreveport, Louisiana. Additionally he is a Colonel in the United States Army Reserves, and served four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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