Apr 25th 2017
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Dr. Jeffrey Simon of New Jersey Joins The Coleman Institute Network

Richmond, Virginia (April 25, 2017) – The Coleman Institute, a nationally recognized leader in opioid addiction treatment, is excited to have Jeffrey Simon, MD join our network. Beginning in May, Dr. Simon will be seeing patients in his Cherry Hill, New Jersey offices, offering a full range of treatment services including accelerated detox, Naltrexone therapy and aftercare planning.

Dr. Simon has spent his career focused on addiction medicine and psychiatry, including the care of both children and adults with chronic and acute issues such as depressive and anxiety disorders, ADHD, PTSD and substance abuse. Having served in post-Katrina New Orleans where he completed his residency, Dr. Simon completed a fellowship in addiction medicine and psychiatry at the Dartmouth School of Medicine before returning home to New Jersey to set up his practice.  He has served as Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer at several inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Currently a licensed Suboxone® and Vivitrol® doctor, as well as highly trained addiction physician, the detoxification process developed by The Coleman Institute is a natural extension of his existing services.

The Coleman Institute has developed a unique and customizable approach to assisting patients in overcoming their physical dependency on opiates and then accessing the long-term support resources needed to maintain their sobriety. Dr. Peter Coleman, through his own experiences, recognized that detoxification was a critical piece of this process. If not addressed with a medically competent methodology, the physical symptoms of withdrawal make successful completion challenging, if not impossible, for those struggling with addiction. The combination of detoxification and after-care support, including Naltrexone therapy, provides patients with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan offering the real possibility of experiencing long-term sobriety.

Dr. Simon stated, “The methodology utilized by Dr. Coleman and his team of physicians perfectly complements my mission of alleviating symptoms as rapidly as possible and assisting the patient in moving forward within their family, school, career, and community in a positive manner.

It is the first step in moving my patients toward recovery, and I am in a unique position to provide the full range of after-care services needed, or referrals as necessary, to ensure each patient has the treatment plan in place that best serves their individual needs.”

Dr. Peter Coleman, founder and National Medical Director for The Coleman Institute added, “We are pleased to have an addiction specialist such as Dr. Jeffrey Simon joining our Coleman team. We share a focus and passion for providing our patients the opportunity to lead happy, healthy and productive lives.”

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About The Coleman Institute:

Since 1998, The Coleman Institute has helped thousands of patients detoxify and recover from the effects of heroin use and other opioids such as OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin. The Coleman Institute’s unique Accelerated Opiate Detoxification treatment enables over 98% of its patients to successfully complete their detox and begin Naltrexone therapy.

The Coleman Institute has eight offices nationwide (Richmond, Seattle, Metro Chicago, Phoenix Southern California, Northern California, Central Texas and Tampa Bay).

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